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MELISSA GRUBER -- Internal Publicity
PAMELA CANTOR -- VP External Publicity
SACHA GECIOVA -- VP Human Resources/Volunteer Coordinator
EMILY PEARLMAN -- Special Events
ISABELLE LEMAIRE -- Program Designer
TREVOR KIERNANDER -- Design Extraordinaire, Enforcement, & reisdent DJ
SARAH GLANVILLE -- Community Outreach

SHAWN MACKNIAK -- Loyola Matters
SOONOK MIN -- Website Designer
VICTOR -- Minute Taker



Speakers Series

Devorah Neumark

Montreal-based interdisciplinary artist Devorah Neumark will facilitate a performance workshop in which participants will be invited to explore the coherence between their values and their gestures.

Irene F. Whittome

“This year Irene F. Whittome launches a major site-specific project, in preparation since 2000, at an abandoned quarry in Stanstead, Quebec. In this illustrated slide talk, the artist discusses her plans and their relationship o her overall work. She shares with us her thoughts about the impact on the creative process that may result from this project - transforming the artistic and thematic concerns which have left traces throughout her career.

Opening Party: CARNIVAL ft. The Metroglyph Fair

March 5, 2004

“Art Matters kicks it off in style with EXOPOLIS: the URBAN FAIR! Jumping on the bed! Games! Exquisite corpses! Art darts! Blotology! Photo op’s! The Public Transportation Contest Winners! Biblioclasts! Music! And more!”


March 17, 18 & 19, 2004

Spirale is an interdisciplanary show put on by the first year students of the Contemporary Dance department. All the pieces are short original works, each touching on a variety of themes and styles.

Identifying Art

Vanier Library
March 5 - 19, 2004

Curator: Aimee Dostie

Michelle Riendeau -- “Miss a L’index”
Alexa Helbig -- “Voice Lessons”
Marianna Marta Milhorat -- “Far”
Simon Johns -- “Whose Truth, What Truth?”
Elizabeth Anis Moubarak -- “Flash Back: Furu Play”
Yi Zhang -- “Narrative Plates”

Theatre Festival

The Cazalet Theatre
March 12, 13, 14, 2004

Curator: Sabrina Teoli

Marilyn St.Georges, Kasia Ignatowska, Cassie Norton -- “Give Me Back My Lullabies”
Declan O’Driscoll, Samara Chadwick -- “Two Beckett Shorts: Plays / Come and Go”
Brigitte Robert, Julie Desbiens, Jacqui Sischy, Jess Hayne-Lavell Yazmina Reza, with Heather Keith & Frederique de Montblanc -- “Excerpt from Art”
Mirelle Tawfik -- “Oui”

“Respect / The Real-Boyfriend Doll / Lies”

Webster Library
March 5 - 19, 2004

Curator: Rachel Sheehan

Jane Cundy -- “Respect”
Tiffany Main -- “The Real-Boyfriend Doll”
Emily Hermant -- “Lies”


The VAV Gallery
March 7 - 13, 2004

Curator: Allison Moore

Carla Benzan -- “Body I - X”
Klara Pokrzywko, Pawal Pogorzelski, Natalja Scerbina -- “Peeping Tom”
Isabelle Lemaire -- “Russian Beauty”
Alex Mannarelli, Nicolas Palacios-Hardy -- “Culinary Structures”
Armen Boudjikanian, Stephen Arkilanian -- “Collective Feedback”
Emily Hermant -- “Lies”
Niki Boghossian -- “The I don’t Know Piece”

Mapping (In)formation

VA Lobby
March 8 2004

Curator: Ivan Tanzer

Hugo L. Casahak, Mei Zhi, Peter Crnokrak, Soonok Min, Jie Zhou, Jean-Michel Gavreau, Yi Zhang, Edita Hadravska, Scott McFaden -- ”Propaganda RMX”
Johanna Rosolen -- “Untitled”
Simon Johns -- “Whose Truth, What Truth?”


Le Frigo Vert
March 8 2004

Curator: Christina Bachinsky

Darren Ell -- “Shaded in Pink”
Allison Moore -- “Instructions for Living”
Krystyna Szadkowski -- “Untitled”
Benoit Charra -- “Untitled”
Hugo L. Casahak, Mei Zhi, Peter Crnokrak, Soonok Min, Jie Zhou, Jean-Michel Gavreau, Yi Zhang, Edita Hadravska, Scott McFaden -- ”Propaganda RMX”

Seaming Incongruity

The Mezzanine
March 15 - 19

Curator: Willie Brisco

Chris Godziuk, Sheldon Woloshyn -- “Marionette Workshops”
Conan Masterson -- “Bombastic”
Melissa Faguy -- “Tuesday, Sunday, Monday”
Trevore Kiernander, Susan Westbrook -- “Cycles”
Van Royko -- “Growing Up”
Meg Walker, Sofi Brazzeal -- “Tell Me Where You’ve Been”
Sonja Lessard -- “Untitled”
Sunshine Frere -- “Skin:Surface and Depth”

Special Events:
Music Marathon - A Haiku
360 Degrees of You You You!
Dance Marathon

Performances & Interventions:
Emily Hermant -- “Lies”
France Perras -- “Journal of a Line”
Juliana Pivato -- “Long Doll”
Trevor Kiernander -- “Untitled”

No Fantasy Here (Installment 1)

March 5 - 12 2004

Curator: Luisa Santos

Ivry Baumgarten -- “Vanity”
Willie Brisco -- “Sex, Blood, and Constructed Roles”
Melissa Faguy -- “Beseiged”, “Certified Pro”

No Fantasy Here (Installment 2)

March 12 - 19 2004

Curator: Luisa Santos

Khrys Crawley -- “Fable-Bodies”
Shawn Kuruneru -- “Salt of the Earth”
Adam Sommrfeld and Stephanie Cheng -- “ Trash”
Tiffany Main -- “The Real-Boyfriend Doll”

360degrees: The View From Here

Java U
March 1 - 27 2004

Curator: Melissa Faguy

Khrys Crawley -- “Fable Bodies”
Coco Huang & Danielle Shatz -- “A Journey Without Destination:
Katie Lyle -- “Protection”
Miriana Zugere -- “Perception”
Tulia Law -- “Mapworks: Remembering Landscapes”
Laureen Stokes -- “Narrative”

Riding the Reel

The DeSeve Cinema
March 13 & 14 2004

Curator: Isabelle Lemaire

Gilda Boffa -- “A Video Starring You”
Can Ryoko -- “Sunday”
Joanna oldman -- “Breakfaster”
Josh Usheroff, Hannah Munneke, Nicole Southey -- “The Revolution Will be Televised”
Anh Minh, Truong -- “Prise D’eux”
Marie Michele Jasmin Belisle -- “Everybody is a rockstar”
Patrick Doan -- “All Tomorow’s”

“Buddhist Temple / Phohenegamook / et al.”

March 4 - 28

Curator: Heather Richards

Rebecca Diehl -- “Buddhist Temple”
Celia Perrin Sidarous -- “Phohenegamook”
Sylvia Arkilanian -- “An Intimate Gathering of Strangers”
Paul Vincent -- “Case Study #1”
Yi Zhang -- “Tibet Dream/Tibet Colour”
Fronc Ng, Perr Ricq, Yann Bernaqutz, Bruno Gauthier, Vani Gabrio, Suzanna Braun, Cat Reyto -- “Under The Influence”
Rachel Sheehan -- “Monster’s Ball”
Arianne Garcia-Fialdini -- “Untitled”
Susan Westbrook -- “Three Sisters”

“Patchwork / Spirale”

March 14, 15 2004
Studio 303

Curator: Sylvie Bissonnette

“Patchwork” -- Christine Bourget, Justine Ricard, ANdrew Turner, Elizabeth Idewu
“Siprale” -- 1st Year dance students

“The Living Room Music Society”

March 11 & 18, 2004

Curator: Katerina Nadhezhdin

Sebastian Huthings, Nino Menard, Patrick Greguire, Russ Cooper, Toby Slippert, Guillaume Chinsson

“The Living Room Music Society is a composer/performer group committed to creating new music in familiar spaces, following in the great salon tradition. From our house to yours.”

“The Erosion of Private / Linear Transformations / Personal Journey Personal Journal / Lies”

Gallery Fokus
March 5 -12

Curator: Klasa Pokrzywko

The Painting and Drawing Association -- “The Erosion of Private”
Lyndl Hall -- “Linear Transformations”
Cindy Lopez -- “Personal Journey, Personal Journal”
Emily Hermant -- “Lies”


March 1 - 14 2004

Curator: Trevor Kiernanden

Kirsten Boehm -- “Kirsten and Linda”
Natalie Finklestein -- “Fragments and Leftovers”
Tiffany Main -- “Untitled”
Heather Richards -- :”Playing with Carey”
Rosemany Scanlon -- “Together Alone”
Susan Westbrook --”Dust”
Sydney Hart -- ‘Floating World”
Jessie Kotler -- “Untitled”
Geoff Mattie -- “Untitled”
David Mitchell -- “Slip of the Tongue”
Susan Westbrook -- “Dance”
Tatciana Woolam -- “Inside”

Soliloquies Seven (Deadly Sins) Launch

La Sala Rossa
March 10 2004

Curator: Lauren Gould

Midsegue (Daniel Bernard, Vidya
Lutchman, Michele Martin)
Danse du Serpent (Tariza Bower and Marcel Hebert)

“Take part and indulge in the seven deadly sins of pride, envy, gluttony, list, anger, greed, and sloth , and celebrate the launch of the seventh edition of SOliloquies, the Concordia Association for Students in English annual publication chockful of cutting edge prose, plays, and oetry. Soliloquies will be available for purchase. Complete with readings from some angry, lust-filled authors, experiene the pride of the band Midsegue; get envious to the live painting of Danse du Serpent. And don’t forget to get gluttonous at the bar…”

Children of the 80’s Unite!

La Sala Rossa
March 17 2004

Curator: Antonio Pappada

“Children of the 80’s Unite” -- Alli Blakley, Ben Read

“Children, come along now,” - “But where are we going mom?” - “Oh, we’re going back to the 80’s. Look there’s Dr. Snuggles!”

“The Living Room Music Society / In Jim’s Image”

March 6 & 7 2004

Curator: Andrea Young

The Living Room Music Society (Sebastian Hutchings, Nino Menard, Patrick Greguire, Russ Cooper, Toby Slippert, GUillaume Chiasson)
In Jim’s Image (Ryan Costello Jr.)


Art Mur
March 4 - 13

Curator: Kyd Campbell

Abbas Akhavan -- “Art Matters!”
Jean-Sebastien Gauthier, Freddy Hehewerth -- “Systems of Inaction: An Experiment in Passive and Active Violent Sculptural Process”
Cameron MacLeod -- “Deconstruction/construction of anillusion/machine”
Trevore Kiernander -- “A Generation”
Darren Ell -- “Shaded in Pink”
Trevor Kiernander -- “First Moment”

Vous Etes Ici / You Are Here

Art Mur
March 14 - 27 2004

Jena Pettet -- “Insubstantial”
Michael Doerksen -- :The Junk of Christmas Presence”
Trevore Kiernander -- “Salvation”
Christine Bachinsky -- “Untitled”
Sarah Fischler -- “Technically Sound”
Allison Moore -- “Natural Selection”

Forced Air

7154 St. Urbain
March 5 2004

Curator: Adrienne Spier

Tetsuomi Anzai
Alberic Auteneche
Ian Campbell
Catherine Carmichael
Meredith Carruthers
Genevieve Chevalier
Sarah Ciurysek
Shaunna Dunn
Kevin Finlayson
Lisa Fotheringham
Kevin Fraser
Sun-Hye Hwang
Brett Kashmere
JUstine Litynski
Terryll Loffler
Luke Painter
Nick Pye
Sheila Pye
Troy Rhodes
Jeanie Riddle
Marieve Robitaille
Andreas Rutkauskas
Theresa Sapergia
Kim Simard
Robert Truszkowski
Andea Vander Kooij
Chih-Chien Wang

“This juried show features recent Concordia MFA works. It is the second show of its kind and features various works: painting, video, performance, sculpture, ceramics, fibres, printmaking, photography and film are all represented.”

Random Acts and Interventions

Simon Reader -- “The Escalator of Armin Meiwes (Ascension)
Sarah Butler -- “Self Guided Tour”
JOhanna Autin, Katrina Cunliffe, Nadine Telier, Audrey Lavallee, Emma Curtis, Krystyna Szadkowski, Conan Masterson, Morag Kyd, Ufuk Gueray -- “Fibres Residency”

Closing Party

March 19 2004

Freestyle Magazine (Natalie Simmons, Lora Sokolova)
Membrane (Fionna Annis, Heather Cameron and crew)

“ Art Matters invites youto unleash your secret powers. Membrane’s hidden dancers reate moving walls in the underground lair where all superhero’s go to die. Superpower drinks, gadgets, and kryptonite. Dress should be respectful yet spandexy. Come and shake your supercharged booty!”