<p class="pink"><br>boop boop boop /alarm sound <br> GOOD MORNING TIME TO WAKE THE FUCK UP <br><br><br> [[nooooooooooooooooooooo|1]]<br><br> [[OK|2]] </p> <img src="images/dead.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink">NOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooOoOOoooOOOOOooo<br><br> [[Try again in half an hour|3]] </p> <img src="images/snort.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink">HAH no<br><br> [[try again in half an hour|3]] </p> <img src="images/tired.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink">You're phone's alarm goes off again. It's still the nice ringtone that sounds like a candyland singalong. You don't even register it for a few seconds as you drift in and out of consciousness -- oh, that's a nice sound, ... -- wait. You need to get up. You have to go to school. <br><br> [[try to get up|4]]<br> [[turn off the alarm and roll back over into the sweet sweet embrace of your luvah, Bed.|5]]</p> <img src="images/face.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink">Bed: BUT WHY ARE YOU LEAVING ME SO SOON IM SO WARM IM SO EAGER PLEASE STAY FOR ANOTHER HALF AN HOUR <br><br> [[You: I am an ADULT Bed you need to be more understanding of my busy schedule|coffee]] <br> [[You: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ How can I say no to you luvah|roll]]</p> <img src="images/blanket.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink">an hour of bed bliss passes by, just you and blankets and pillows and cozy cozy goodness and also your giant teddy bear monster Taters. your space heater lulls you in and out of sleep. why would you ever get up? did I mention it's Valentine's day? All your Bed wants is for you to stay in bed all day long. [[stay in bed all day long|6]]</p> <img src="images/taters.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink">< CRIPPLING GUILT STRIKES! ><br><br> [[FUCK FUCK FUCK you can't actually stay in bed all day you need to get up RIGHT NOW you've already missed classes this term and you haven't been on time for anything ever why are you SUCH A SHIT ADULT GOD|9]] <br><br> [[ok ok ok you can't stay in bed all day but lets just roll around a bit more and try to peel open your eyes (you really shouldn't sleep with your contacts in) and take it slow |7]]</p> <img src="images/hands.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink"><SCREEE SCREE SCREE CSREEESJHAJHFDKJASF> Bed: SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER YOU FELL SLEEP FOR ANOTHER 45 MINUTES! of course that happened, what did you think was going to happen? You're a garbage excuse for a human being honestly. <br><br> [[You: Wow that is a really shitty thing for you to say to me shut your mouth /punch a pillow|10]] <br><br> [[You: Honestly you're completely right I should just stay here forever and turn into a human trash pile I'm already late and I'll just be even later even if I do try to get up. Why do I even try to get up ever.|8]]</p> <img src="images/hands.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><img src="images/truck.gif" style="z-index:-2;position:absolute;top:-80;left:60px;"> <p class="pink">You completely give up. You fall into a guilt ridden half-sleep for an hour. When your room mate comes to check on the rats, they find that you've actually transformed into a human dump truck. Good luck with the rest of your life as a dump truck, [[you dump truck.|Start]]</p> <p class="pink">OKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOK YOU GET DRESSED YOU CAN DO THIS YOU PUT ON CLOTHES YOU CAN DO THIS YEAH <br><br> [[YEAH LETS BE BADASS WHERE IS MY LIPSTICK|lipstick]]<br> [[who are you kidding even if you are up you havent had coffee yet you need coffeeee|coffee]]</p> <img src="images/face.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink">You can't believe Bed would talk to you like that. Maybe this isn't such a perfect healthy rosy relationship after all. Maybe you should actually get up and reestablish relationships with other things in your life, like School and Cool Work. <br><br> [[yeah that actually sounds kind of nice|11]] <br> [[but I'm just so comfortable in this relationship. I love Bed.|12]] </p> <img src="images/hands.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink">Yeah fuck that! I don't need to take that crap! And I have a whole bunch of exciting things to do! I can WORK ON VIDEO GAMES! I can EAT FOOD! I can go to school where ALL THE CUTE PEOPLE ARE! I LOVE PEOPLE! I'm so excITED!! I'm gonna ride my bike in THE SNOW! I DONT NEED BED IN MY LIFE! IM MOVING ON! IM NEVER GOING TO SLEEP AGAIN!<br><br> [[get decently excited and actually go to school all next week|bravo]]<br> [[GET ALL RILED UP STOP TAKING YOUR MEDS INDUCE HYPOMANIA LITERALLY NEVER SLEEP AGAIN FOR ATLEAST A FEW DAYS FUCK YAH FUCK YAH YOUR LIFE IS SO MUCH BETTER WITHOUT BED|hypomania]]</p> <img src="images/rats.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink">You go back to bed with a warm beer and a cat on you belly. You could never break it off with Bed. [[Maybe this relationship will look less bleak in the morning|Start]]</p> <img src="images/beer.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink">You find your stash of lipstick and take like 10 minutes to decide on a colour and then you try to put it on but you get it literally all over your face and you have to start again and then your roommate gets up and you have a 10 minute conversation about lipstick while it is still all over your face and then it takes 10 minutes to scrub it off and then another 2 minutes to reapply it properly and [[by now you're COMPLETELY LATE AGAIN OH GOD|8]]</p> <img src="images/bleh.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink">LETS GET COFFEE<br><br> [[FUCK YEAH COFFEE|power]]<br> [[I FUCKING LOVE COFFEE 3 CUPS OF COFFEE FOR ME|power2]]><br> [[WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERES NO COFFEE IN THE HOUSE|no coffee]] </p> <img src="images/cup.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink">[[you give in and decide to stay in bed for juuuust a little while longer|7]]</p> <img src="images/dead.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink">wow you're doing amazing! you're almost out the door!<br><br> [[wait you need to be fabuouszzzzzs where is your lipstick|lipstick]]<br> [[You're totally fine like this let's get your backpack, even a lunch! and hop off to school aw yeah we're gonna cheat on Bed with School |school]]</p> <img src="images/fuckyeah.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink">There's no coffee in the wasteland of your apartment. You return to Bed, rejected, dissappointed, and with a nasty headache. Bed envelopes you in it's warm embrace. [[Better luck tomorrow.|Start]]</p> <img src="images/helmet.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink">Perfect! Three coffees is exactly how much coffee you need! You're running a bit late but as long as you don't eat breakfast, don't pack a lunch, and don't put any makeup on you might still make it only 10 minutes late or so!<br><br> [[OKOK!|bravo]]<br><br> [[but i really need to put on makeup to pad my self-esteem|lipstick]]<br><br> [[check your phone|phone]]</p> <img src="images/coffee.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"> <img src="images/coffee.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"> <p class="pink">You made it! You're waiting in the EV elevator when you hear a voice behind you. The voice is hazy and fuzzy. It sounds like it's laughing at you. You turn your head, but your vision swims and fades in and out. [[You feel so groggy.|shit]] </p> <img src="images/frustrated.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink">[[you eventually burn out and/or start taking your meds again because don't be a dumbass, and tearfully reuinite with Bed, on the condition that Bed never speak to you that way again.|reunited]]<br><br> [[well ok you still have to sleep at some point BUT instead of crawling back to Bed you start up an exciting new relationship with Couch|couch]]</p> <img src="images/bored.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink">You: I missed you, bed. I know we have a very love/hate relationship, but I missed you.<br> Bed: I missed you too bb. Please never leave me again.<br><br> [[Better luck tomorrow!|Start]]</p> <img src="images/blanket.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink">You: Couch you are not nearly as comfortable as my past relationship with Bed BUT you are extremely convenient and fit my lifestyle much better.<br> Couch: Cool. But my other babe Cat is coming to take her noon nap on me soon so you'll have to clear out. That's ok, right? This is an open relationship, we talked about this earlier, remember? <br><br> [[Sulk back to bed because you did agree to be in an open relationship but that doesn't mean you aren't capable of getting lonely|reunited]]<br> [[Definitely stay and have a nap-threesome with Cat and Couch.|yeah]]</p> <img src="images/witch.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink">You've actually managed to get up and get to class and no completely create and unhealthy relationship with Bed! You're feeling pretty good about your life! GET THAT EDUCATION AND OR WORKMONEY. [[You only have to do that again every single day of you life until you die. Good luck tomorrow.|Start]]</p> <img src="images/money.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink">This is literally the best relationship ever. You have a Cat that is sleeping on my belly, and you have a comfy Couch that loves me. You're going to sleep for the rest of the day right here. You've completely forgotton about school. <br><br> [[Goodluck tomorrow, hopefully you don't wake up with a wicked cramp in your neck.|Start]]</p> <img src="images/catbed.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink">Now you're staring at a familiar white space. It's... your bedroom ceiling? You were dreaming??? You did all that work for nothing????? You should have known, you never manage to bring lunch to school. And now you're obscenely late. [[Better luck tomorrow.|Start]]</p> <img src="images/face.gif" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;"><p class="pink">GUESS WHAT YOU AMAZING HUMAN! YOU DID ALL THIS WORK BUT BY A FREAK MIRACLE OF THE WORLD, SCHOOL IS CANCELED! SO IS WORK! EVERYTHING IS CANCELED FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! YOU ARE FREE TO ROLL AROUND IN RAINBOWS AND STAR DUST FOR EVER! THIS IS THE BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME! YOU WIN! YOU GET MARRIED TO YOUR BED AND HAVE A HAPPY HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WHERE YOU SLEEP EXACTLY 8 HOURS A NIGHT AND CHANGE YOUR SHEETS EVERY THREE DAYS FOR THE REST OF YOU LIFE!<br><br> [[DO EVERYTHING EXACTLY THE SAME TOMORROW AND EVERYHTING WILL BE A-OK|Start]] </p> <img src="images/star.png" style="z-index:-2;height:500px;width:800px;position:absolute;left:300px;top:100px;">