~ F O R A G E ~

(beta v.1)

Forage is a 2 part project, a video game about urban foraging and medicinal plant, and a communal Google Maps Document that is being filled with locations around Montreal of foragable herbs and plants. Find plants in-game and they will link you to were they are on the MTL map! It is an open-edit communal map so it will grow as it is used. The idea is to generate interest and awareness around alternative sources of medicine and healing, as well as make these resources hopefully slightly more accessible to people by acting as a location specific knowledge bank of potential foragable spots around my city.

** A note about foraging ** First off, this is only meant to supplement research, identification, and use of plants. Never use a plant you are not 100% sure about! ALSO, be respectful of anything you pick: never pick more than 1/3 of a resource, and only pick from healthy plants. Be mindful of private property and decide for yourself where your ethical boundaries lie, & don't forget to always wash what you've picked in urban areas (pesticides!).

Hope Phillips / hoperin@live.com

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